In today’s edition . . .

In today’s Banner-News, look for the details on a new gang arrest, made by the Magnolia Police Department, which is continuing its fight against gang-related crime and violence in our city.

You might also recall the article earlier this week about a purse snatcher from Stephens who was caught on tape stealing an unattended purse in the Walmart parking lot . . . well, guess who is in trouble again! And yes, the alleged purse snatcher did it again at Walmart! Get the details in today’s Banner-News!

You’ll also find out what critics have to say about last night’s State of the Union address, where the state Legislature currently stands on the health insurance bill, why local students were jumping with joy at a recent Math Night event in Magnolia, and what the response has been to Magnolia’s City Council meeting Monday night. (Hint: You absolutely do NOT want to miss Diary today!!)

It’s all in today’s Banner-News! Pick up a copy at your favorite rack, or call 234-5130 for a subscription! And remember, if you’re already a subscriber to our print edition, you automatically get FREE access to our website content, including the ability to post your comments here on the Blog! Call us today to get set up!

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