If every dog gets its day, then every inmate should get his say . . .

It’s nothing unusual for us to receive letters from inmates – both county and state – and typically, those letters contain ramblings about innocence, claims of misguided justice and the like. For obvious reasons, we don’t print those letters.

But every now and then, we receive a letter from an inmate who has, quite obviously, used his or her time to actually think about the reason for which he or she is behind bars. We’re not saying we agree with their positions, mind you, but we like to let those inmates have their voices heard.

Thus, to the point of the matter: We received the following letter from a current inmate at the Columbia County Detention Facility. Mr. L. Lockhart, 42, who tells us he is recently unemployed and incarcerated for failure to pay child support, wrote us not only a letter, but also a guide for what he believes is a more reasonable program “to indirectly aid and support the single mothers.”

We thought his comments interesting enough to post here on the Banner-News Blog for our readers to discuss and comment on. Remember, only Banner-News subscribers can comment, so if you don’t have a subscription, call us at 234-5130 to get set up!

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