Arkansas State Police update road conditions

At 6:30 this morning, Arkansas State Troopers were working with recovery crews to move approximately twelve jackknifed commercial carrier trucks from Interstate 30 west of Benton to the Highway 70 interchange where some of the worst driving conditions in the state currently exist.  The longest delays are occurring in the eastbound lanes of traffic; however there are isolated delays westbound closer to Benton. The longest delays are occurring in the eastbound lanes of traffic; however there are isolated delays westbound closer to Benton.

State Troopers on patrol in Southwest Arkansas, where some of the first sleet and snow began to fall from about 8:30 yesterday morning, report driving conditions to be dangerous.  Several disabled vehicles are reported along I-30.

Overnight the travel conditions have worsened in the central Arkansas area, particularly along the Interstate highways.  Travel is not recommended in the central Arkansas area. Roads to the south of Little Rock into southeast Arkansas are reported by Troopers to be passable, however drivers are encouraged to use caution and travel only if necessary. North of the central Arkansas area near Russellville and Clarksville, roadways are snow-covered and Troopers report many bridges are ice covered and highways are slick.  Travel is not recommended.

Fort Smith area Troopers are reporting dangerous driving conditions, particularly along I-40 near Ozark.  Sections of I-40 are reported to be ice covered.

In northeastern Arkansas I-55 through Mississippi County is reported to have a thick coat of ice.  Before sunrise traffic was moving slowly through this area.  Secondary roads in the Jonesboro area were ice covered.

Across east Arkansas in the Delta, secondary roadways were reported to be snow covered and travel is not recommended.  Traffic is moving slowly along I-40.

In the northern most sections of the state snow accumulation was less than central Arkansas, however, there are scattered reports of slick roadways and bridges.

Troopers in west Arkansas are discouraging travel on area secondary highways.

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  1. Bill says:

    It took me seven and a half hours to go 229 miles traveling east on I-30 from Sulphur Springs, TX. to Benton, AR.. Roads are snow and ice covered and travel is very hazardous.

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