The countdown begins . . .

The countdown to 2011 has begun here at the Banner-News Blog, but we think the celebrations may have started some time ago elsewhere in town! As we type this post, we’re listening to fireworks detonating all over town, and it’s a welcome sound . . . we like it when people celebrate in a family-friendly way!

We’re waiting now for the crowd to begin gathering at the Columbia County Courthouse where, at precisely 12:01 a.m., the county’s newly elected officials will be sworn into office: Sheriff Mike Loe, Assessor Sandra Cawyer, Magnolia Mayor Parnell Vann, Waldo Mayor Howard Copeland, Taylor Mayor Charles Matlock and McNeil Mayor Henry Warren.

Of course, we’ll be there, camera in hand, to record the evening’s events, and we’ll be posting them for you right here on the Banner-News Blog as soon as the festivities are complete! So if the cooler temperatures have kept you at home tonight, not to worry: You’ll find your fill here on the blog!

And by the way, for those of you enjoying one or more of the various private parties going on in town tonight, please behave responsibly and don’t drink and drive. Trust us . . . we’re monitoring the scanner, and you don’t want to take that chance tonight – our dedicated law enforcement officers are out in force to keep our highways safe!

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