More Kroger news . . .

We’ve just gotten off the phone with Magnolia-Columbia County Chamber of Commerce Director Cammie Hambrice, who tells us that she has been in contact with JD Ashley and Associates, the Little Rock-based company that handles the lease for the Kroger building.

The individual in charge of that lease is unavailable until Monday, Hambrice tells us, which means there isn’t much more her office can do until them. She hopes to find out Monday if the lease has already been taken over by another company – if it hasn’t, she plans to begin contacting other grocery chains to see if she can secure a new one to take the place of Kroger.

Hambrice tells us she’s had several calls from area residents concerned about the store’s closure, and that one of the common concerns among the elderly citizens is that Walmart is too large for them to walk around in comfortably. Others are concerned about having another large vacant building in the shopping center, and still more just want Kroger to stay because they prefer shopping that store.

We, too, wish the store would stay open, and not just because we don’t want to lose another 40 jobs in our community. We encourage area residents to contact Kroger via e-mail at or by phone at 1-800-576-4377 to express your concerns and to let the company know that we want it to remain in Magnolia.

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