Pleas from politicians

As Election Day draws near, we’ve noticed that we’re receiving more and more pleas for support from politicians, including one just moments ago from Congressman John Boozman (R), candidate for U.S. Senate, asking supporters to help raise “an additional $10,000 by Monday morning” for “get out the vote efforts.” (We’re on the e-mail lists of every candidate for our area – we like to keep track of their campaigns so we can relay the latest information to you, our readers!)

We’ve also had several calls from area readers who say they’ve been “deluged” with calls from political polling services, candidates, candidates’ supporters and a number of well-known activist groups.

And of course, there have been the requisite reports of stolen campaign and political signs throughout the county.

So let’s hear from you . . . as the campaigns crank up to a roar in this final push before election day, will any “last minute” pleas, promotional materials and/or signs change your mind? Post your comments below!

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