State school official accused of anti-gay comments

According to a report from the Associated Press, the Arkansas Department of Education has condemned the comments of Midland, Ark., School Board member Clint McCance. He is accused of referencing a campaign that encourages people to wear purple to support gay and lesbian youth on his Facebook page, and writing that the only way he would wear purple is “if they all commit suicide.”

McCance’s Facebook page has been shut down, but not before The Advocate, a magazine dedicated to gay issues, caught sight of it and posted a screen grab on its website, and that’s when his comments went “viral.”

The Midland School District has already distanced itself from McCance and issued a statement that is doesn’t “support or condone” his remarks, and the Human Rights Campaign has announced plans to publish two full-page ads in the area’s newspapers calling for his resignation. He’s also the subject of a “Fire Clint McCance” Facebook page, which has more than 23,000 members, and the state Department of Education has said it will investigate any reports of bullying that may result from his comments.

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