Taking littering to a whole new level

In today’s edition of ‘Weird News,’ workers at a grocery store in a strip mall in San Francisco were surprised to find a 300-pound dead bear in the parking lot when they arrived to work Monday morning, reports the Associated Press. A white pickup truck was seen dumping the carcass, but no word yet on why the dumper left the bear in a grocery store parking lot.

In St. Louis, Missouri Lottery officials announced yesterday that Ernest Pullen, 57, won $2 million with a scratch-off lottery ticket, says the AP. But what makes Pullen extra special is that just two months ago, he also won $1 million with a scratch-off lottery ticket. Said Pullen, who retired after his first win in June, “I guess I’m a lucky guy.”

And in Washington, a group of residents are making a non-running VW Microbus all about peace and love. The bus, decorated with 60s -themed art like peace signs and rainbows, has no engine, and thus must be removed, say city officials. But the owners, who’ve displayed the bus on their front lawn for several months, claim it’s a “public art installation.” Unmoved, the city, also known as ‘The Man,’ plans to remove it by the end of October.

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  1. Bill says:

    I wonder how much that guy spends on scratch off tickets?

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