Have you read up on the 2010 ballot issues?

On the 2010 general election in November, voters will be presented with three ballot issues. We’ve spent a little time reading up on these issues, and you’ll find a generalized summary of each below, along with a link to “fact sheets” on each, courtesy of the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture’s Cooperative Extension Service.

• Issue No. 1: Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1 will amend the state constitution to provide each Arkansas citizen the guaranteed right to “hunt, fish, trap and harvest wildlife.” The amendment requires that any regulation of such rights must be consistent with both sound wildlife conservation and management and Amendment 35, which established the Game and Fish Commission. In addition, the amendment allows for citizens to use “traditional” methods of harvesting wildlife, and clarifies that such practices will be considered a preferred means of controlling non-threatening species. http://ppc.uaex.edu/ballot/FSPPC305.pdf

• Issue No. 2: Proposed constitutional amendment 2 concern interest rate limits and the issuance of government bonds to finance energy efficiency projects. The amendment would remove all interest rate caps on bonds issued or loans made by state government, and would removed state-imposed interest rate limits on loans made by FDIC-insured banks. In addition, the amendment would keep 17 percent as the maximum annual interest rate on such loans and give authority to all state government entities to issue project bonds for the goal of energy efficiency. http://ppc.uaex.edu/ballot/FSPPC306.pdf

• Issue No. 3: Proposed constitutional amendment 3 would amend Amendment 82 to remove limits on the size of economic development projects supported through the issuance of general obligation bonds. It would also permit the General Assembly to set the criteria for determining financial eligibility for such projects. http://ppc.uaex.edu/ballot/FSPPC307.pdf

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