Ross issues statement on Small Business Jobs Act

“One of the driving principles of the American Dream is that each one of us has the opportunity to take an idea, trade or skill and start our own business in an effort to seek prosperity and security for our families.  For many years this enterprising spirit has made the American small business the backbone and engine of our economy.  These bakeries, hairdressers, small-scale manufacturers and shops employ nearly half of all American workers.  And each year American entrepreneurs create over 60 percent of the new jobs in our nation.

Today, in communities throughout Arkansas, small businesses are putting people to work, sponsoring little league baseball teams, helping local schools and volunteering their time, talents or supplies.  As we support our small businesses, they, in turn, support our communities and we owe them our thanks and appreciation.”

To read more of Ross’ statement, “As a former small business owner, I recognize the critical role small businesses have in our daily lives.  The unfortunate truth facing our nation today is that small businesses have borne the brunt of these tough economic times.  Even now, as we hear that our recession has ended and see signs that the economy is picking up, America’s 27 million small businesses continue to face a lack of credit and tight lending standards.

That is why I voted for the Small Business Jobs Act.  The Small Business Jobs Act increases much-needed lending to millions of small businesses, and offers 8 new tax incentives to companies, so that they may expand, hire, and fuel our economy. This bill also keeps jobs in America by closing tax loopholes that reward corporations that ship jobs overseas.

This legislation will help America’s 27 million small businesses create new jobs and grow with $12 billion in tax cuts.  In addition, It will make Main Street businesses more competitive by leveraging up to $300 billion in private sector lending for small businesses, along with state grants for small business lending. With tax cuts and access to more capital, our nation’s small businesses will be able to put more Americans back to work. Also, in an important step, The Small Business Jobs Act takes aims to end job outsourcing by eliminating tax incentives for companies that ship jobs overseas.  Finally, this bill is fully paid for over 10 years as it closes tax loopholes, ensuring that it will not add to the deficit.

This past week I was named a Guardian of Small Business by the National Federation of Independent Businesses.  The NFIB is one of the nation’s leading small business associations.  Each year they present Guardian awards to members of Congress who go above and beyond in an effort to support small business issues.  I’m proud of this award because ensuring Arkansas’s small businesses have the support and resources they need is a job I take very seriously and this recognition only serves to reinforce my commitment.

While I am working hard to help our economy recover, we still have a long way to go and I will not rest until every Arkansan who wants a job has one.  I have long been a strong supporter of small businesses securing more tax cuts, increasing opportunities for lending and investments and ensuring the federal government provides everyday, hard-working Americans the resources they need to open, own and operate their own business.  As your U.S. Congressman, I will continue to support these types of common sense policies.”

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