Rankin speaks out against Arlington National Cemetery measure

Magnolia, AR — Congressional candidate Beth Anne Rankin said she is infuriated by the announcement Thursday that as many as 6,600 graves in Arlington National Cemetery could be unmarked or mislabeled.

“Arlington National Cemetery is America’s most hallowed ground. It is filled with the heroes who have defended our liberty.  That big government bureaucrats couldn’t even keep track of where these defenders of freedom were buried is an affront to the service and sacrifice of these veterans and their families,” Rankin said.

It was announced in Washington Thursday that as many as 6,600 graves at Arlington National Cemetery could be misidentified because managers there didn’t do their job properly.

“This strikes home with me because my brothers are in the military. My brother Curt served his county fighting in Iraq.  My younger brother was inspired by him and joined the Arkansas National Guard. Both are now waiting to see if they will be called to serve in Afghanistan,” Rankin said. “I thank God Curt came home safe and whole, but what about the families who made the greatest sacrifice for liberty? This does not send a message that we are a grateful nation.”

John Metzler, the former superintendent of Arlington National Cemetery for 19 years has accepted “full responsibility for the mix-up.” Metzler’s former deputy, Thurman Higginbotham, plans to assert his Fifth Amendment right not to answer questions on the scandal.

“We must support those serving our country in the Armed Services. They face danger every day so that we might be free. They deserve better than what has happened at Arlington National Cemetery,” Rankin said. “They deserve our love, our support and our prayers.”

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